Lamù Sunglasses: what wasn't there, now there is **
Lamù was born from the twenty -year experience in the research, selection and creation of glasses.
The obsession with detail gives life to unique, original and ironic pieces: the artisanal production of limited quantities with the best materials makes them special, while the absence of the usual distribution network allows to obtain high quality at low prices.
Lamù has always anticipated the fashions by proposing the best of the glasses with an ironic and irreverent style that distinguishes the creations of the brand: unique accessories for unique people.

The story of the Sunlasses Lamù glasses starts from afar ...
I am Silvia and more than twenty years ago, while I was at the University, I started opening a stall to the Usato Bologna Historical Market, Montagnola, selling used used and interesting clothes from a stylistic point of view, the one we now call "Vintage".

Over time I specialized in glasses, buying old models everywhere that at the time were not taken into consideration by fashion and people. I started selling them and at the same time creating a historical archive by preserving the most interesting models from a stylistic point of view, details, invoice or materials.

The counter at the market obviously in time I have left it, to dedicate myself to sale for events and for simultaneously to start another project: that of the production of the Lamù Sunglasses collection. The idea was born from the fact that vintage glasses are unique pieces and there are hardly two equal ones and this from a commercial point of view is a disadvantage ...
And then for many years (and I still continue now) I have dealt with stylistic research for the large glasses of glasses, selling them vintage models selected by me that they could act as inspiration and support in the creation of their collections.
And so I thought that this type of work could have done it for myself and for Lamù and from here the idea of ​​the collection was born.
Taking inspiration from my historical archive and from my twenty years of experience in the sale of vintage glasses, I created these models with a retru taste, but revisited in design to offer a product that is not easy from the opticians.
The main attention as well as design is mainly in the materials, which I wanted were excellent (as it was done in the past) and in the artisan invoice, drawing on the manufacturing experience of Cadore where glasses are traditionally made, but also where, due to the Movement of production in China of large brands, many small and medium -sized companies that worked third parties, have closed or risking to close.
I create, and my craftsmen with their great experience help me develop a unique product, of great value and really made with love.
The material we use is the acetate, a material that derives from the cotton processing and which is very robust and at the same time very comfortable.
I use that produced by Mazzucchelli, the oldest and historic acetate company of Italy, with attention to quality and tradition as in the past.
The lenses are Zeiss, German quality, it's true, but they are the best.
My glasses are in total contrast with the commercial concept of these times, in which the brand is more important than the product.
In this case I only focus on the product while the glasses wandered them wanders: I don't want a logo exhibited because it can be clear that it is a handcrafted product, handmade with all the trappings and attention that dedicated themselves to the product in past times.
The only writing you will find on the auctions is: "Hand made in Italy", the writing that I am most proud of.
I also want to invest in the product and not in advertising, in this way I can maintain a competitive price and suitable for all budgets, while maintaining the level of quality very high.
And then simply and evidently I am not very good in branding and very good in production ...!?
This is my story and the story of the Lamù Sunglasses glasses: Design Glasses, handmade in Italy with sustainable materials and certified lenses Zeiss.Pezzi unique, timeless, made with love, by people.